Vendor of the Month: Sanctuary Cosmetic Center

September’s  Vendor of the Month is Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in Tysons Corner, Virginia. They offer such a wide range of skin treatments and procedures all handled by amazing experts. We have loved getting to know the entire staff there and are so happy to share their services with you! Check out our Q&A with the team below to learn more about Sanctuary and all they offer.

Q: What sets Sanctuary apart from other cosmetic centers and what services do you offer?

A: Dr. Soheila Rostami is a double board-certified oculo-facial plastic surgeon with nearly 20 years of experience turning back the clock on aging.  At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, our highly trained staff is here to help enhance your inner and outer beauty by making you feel and look your best.  We are dedicated to providing you extraordinary care in a luxurious, friendly, relaxed and professional environment. We offer the following services:

-Facial and Body Cosmetic Surgery


-Dermal Fillers

-Laser Skin Resurfacing

-Skin Tightening

-Fat Reduction

-Laser Hair Removal

-Chemical Peels

-Microneedling with PRP

-Permanent Makeup

-Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

-Executive Coaching

-Professional Makeup

Q: What advice would you give someone who is considering skin rejuvenation?

A: Consult with a medical or skin care professional to learn about your options and find out what the best one is for you.  Learn about your skin and find out if you would be the ideal candidate for skin rejuvenation. At home maintenance with use of products are essential for pre and post treatment to help with efficacy and healing.

Q: Do you offer complimentary consultations, what does a typical consultation entail?

A: Our consultations are 100% free. We like for our patients to feel completely comfortable and have all of their questions answered before they commit to anything. Our typical consultations would consist of the patient meeting with Linda, our Patient Consultant, about their specific concerns. Linda would give the patient different options to meet their needs and pricing and then the patient would speak with the doctor or our Master Aesthetician, Amanda about the actual procedure.

Q:Do you offer bridal packages for brides who book with you prior to their wedding?

A: Yes, we do offer bridal packages. We consult with our bride-to-be and design a custom bridal package that suits her needs.

 Q: What advice would you give a bride in particular when considering skin rejuvenation? 

A: It’s best to start your pre-wedding skin care treatments quite some time in advance so you can get the most optimal results and also allow your skin some time to heal. It also depends on what kind of condition your skin is in. If you have a lot of damage and need more aggressive treatments, you may want to start your treatments as far out as 1 year to 1 year and a half.  Use of medical grade products at home are also crucial for maintenance and can really help prevent those pesky breakouts you get around that time of the month! It is always best to consult with a skin care professional to help guide you in the best direction.

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