What is a bridal sample sale?


In light of our upcoming sample sale we thought we would answer a few frequently asked questions and share some sneak peaks of what will be on sale. Our pre-sale will be June 24th with the Sample Sale running the 25-26th… happy shopping!

1. What is a sample gown?

– A sample gown is a gown bought off of our showroom floor. It is a gown that has been tried on by other brides during the shopping process. Gowns go on sample sale when they have been discontinued or more room is needed on the showroom floor. It is a great time to buy because you can save 30-75% off of a designer gown.

2. What are the prices of our sample sale gowns?

– As mentioned above, our sample gowns are 30-75% off of the price of the dress. Our average price point is $5,500 with gowns ranging from $3,000-$15,000 so the sale price depends on the price of the gown.

3. What size are your samples?

– Our sample gowns range between a bridal 8 or 10. Keep in mind that bridal sizing is different and is usually cut smaller than ready-to-wear. Also, every designer cuts differently so sizing can vary depending on the gown itself.

4. Do I need an appointment for a sample sale?

– For our sample sale June 24-25th we will be going by appointment and appointments do get filled fast!

5. What do I do after I buy a sample?

– Decide on cleaning and alterations. Some samples may require cleaning and we can suggest a cleaner to go to but not all gowns need it. As far as alterations go we do offer them in store for an additional fee, however whether you choose to do them with us or not, it is best to find your seamstress as soon as you can!

See a sneak peak of some sample gowns on sale below…

Temperly London Fern

Carolina Herrera Anne Marie




2 thoughts on “What is a bridal sample sale?

  1. I would like to make an appointment for this sample sale. What are your opening hours?

    Best regards,


    • Hi Flavia thank you for your interest in our store! During the days of the sample sale we will be open from 11am-7pm. Our appointments do go on the hour and are booking quickly for the sale. If you email info@carinesbridal.com or call 202 965- 4696 a consultant will be happy to set an appointment for you. Congratulations on your engagement!

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