Q + A with Mira Zwillinger

Welcome to Carine’s Bridal AtelierMira Zwillinger! As we kick off this weekend with the Mira Zwillinger Trunk Show, we wanted to provide brides with a brief history on this amazing designer! Read on for an interview with Mira and Lihi:


Give us a brief history of the designer, and how she came to bridal.

Mira Zwillinger as a brand has been around for over two decades, in the last few years it started to take off internationally.
For the first years Mira served as a private Couture Evening & Cocktail designer for Tel – Aviv’s elite, with her studio’s reputation growing only from mouth to ear. Over the years, by creating bespoke pieces for almost all of Israel’s high society, Mira gradually secured her position as one of Israel’s most sought-after designers. Until this day she dresses a lot of celebrities, including wives of Israeli Prime Ministers and other dignitaries.  In 2006 Mira Zwillinger was named designer of the year. Over 8 years ago, Mira started doing Bridal wear as there was a demand for quality and details in Bridal gowns.

In 2011, Lihi Zwillinger, Mira’s youngest daughter, joined the studio after graduating from Shenkar College of Design. Lihi designed her own wedding dress and in the process fell in love with wedding gowns. Lihi’s dress- aptly dubbed “Lihi”- immediately became a huge success, and so the two designers started collaborating on the studio’s Bridal collection. Lihi is the lead designer and brand manager.

Today Mira Zwillinger gowns are sold around the world; London, New-York, Sydney, Washington, Miami, Houston and Atlanta.

Where did you find your inspiration for the bridal collection?

I find inspiration virtually in everything: usually it’s fashion including street fashion. I can see a girl walking down the street in a t-shirt with certain cut, and it can help me think of an idea for a Bridal dress. It can also be a textural wall in a restaurant, a painting or a special car shape- I can’t control it- its everywhere and in everything that catches my attention.

What kind of bride would you say wears your gowns? What kind of bride are you targeting?

The Mira Zwillinger bride is chic, trendy, stylish and knows what she wants: she’s a girl who wants to look different from other brides, and not necessarily be the “traditional” bride. She often knows and appreciates quality. She’s fashionable, bold, and up-to-date, but still wants her dress to exude elegance and glamour. 

Tell us about the materials you use and what makes them so special and unique.

Other than the fact that we use the finest quality of materials, we use a special technique to alter the DNA of  fabrics in order to create new and innovative materials. We believe that what makes a dress so unique is its texture, therefor we invest a lot of meticulous hand work combining different materials and creating fabrics that no one else has.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a bride who is looking for her wedding dress?

Be yourself.  A bride should know when it’s her wedding gown.  When you put on a dress you should feel perfect in it, and feel that it brings out your personal character. Then you’ve found your dress. If you put on a gown and you’re hesitant – it’s probably not the gown for you. We always look for one reaction with brides; when they try on a gown and their eyes and smile simply say: “This is the one for me.”



Here is a preview of the gorgeous gowns from the designer:

Adel small 1 (2) Sophia large (2) Sira small (2) Roxie small (2) Roxanna small 2 (2) Jade small (2) Chloe small3 (2) Beatrice small1 (2) Ashley small (2) Alexa small1 (2)


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