Way to Go Fluffy Thoughts Cakes! Now available at Nationals Stadium and The Verizon Center!


Congratulations to my sister, Lara, the Founder and Owner of Fluffy Thoughts Cakes! Fluffy Thoughts was featured on WUSA 9 yesterday morning and they shared with everyone some very exciting new!

Lara will no be now serving her delicious Fluffy Thoughts cupcakes at Washington Nationals Park! How cool is that?!?!

Well, hold onto your Nationals hats folks, because Fluffy Thoughts will now be available at the Verizon Center, starting Monday night at the Beyonce concert!! Talk about enjoying Sasha Fierce cupcakes, while dancing to Beyonce!

So, if you are heading to a Nationals Game or to the Verizon Center, make sure to stop by the Fluffy Thoughts Cakes kiosk.

Visit Fluffy Thoughts Cakes website for more information! Fluffy Thoughts features a new rotating menu everyday. Today’s “Special Flavor of the Day” is, Almond Joy. Like almost all of Fluffy Thought’s cakes, Almond joy, is available in both regular and gluten free!


CBA girls


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