It’s Workout Time!


Hi Ladies! 

The weather is getting warmer and we know all of you are looking for fun ways to get healthy and stay healthy! That is why we want to give a shout out to our local Balance Gym on Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park. 

Walk into Balance Gym and you’ll instantly notice it’s a world that appreciates that fitness is not a, “one size fits all.” Balance’s weekly schedule offers a variety of workout options to choose from including CrossFit, Spinning, Barre, Zumba, Pilates, and more! Not to mention they also have free weights, treadmills, bikes, kettle-bells,I could keep going….that are their for your personal use. O and I almost forgot they also have a beautiful spa and offer personal training! 

An appointment at the SOMAspa is perfect after a one-on-one training session, with one of Balance Gym’s wonderful trainers. All of the Balance Gym trainers specialize in a combination of strength training, sports conditioning, functional training, and weight loss. For example, our main man, AC Cowie, specializes in transformations and weight loss. He is a health coach with Take Shape for Life and has helped many clients, including some of our lovely brides, reach their health goals!

Want to learn more, check out their website. There are three Balance Gym locations to chose from in the Washington, D.C. area, if the Glover Park one is not near you and they just opened another gym in Foggy Bottom! Amaze!


CBA girls



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