What’s the Number One Thing a Bride Should Know When Dress Shopping?

Planning a wedding is a big job. Shopping for your wedding gown should be a super exciting and special moment. However, shopping for a wedding gown can also be stressful at times. Here at Carine’s Bridal Atelier, we know a thing or two 🙂 about how to make shopping for your dress easy as pie!

I asked Carine’s all-star team, what they considered the number one thing a bride should know when she is dress shopping. Here is what they said:

Carine: “Knowing the location and venue of your wedding really sets the stage. Take cue from the feel your venue gives because you will want your dress to reflect where you are having your wedding, but you also want it to be you. It can be a great partnership if you know where your venue is; your pictures will look amazing.”

Jess: “Have an open mind. Do not be afraid to try on lots of different styles and what your bridal consultant encourages you to try on. We want you to utilize your full hour and work with us on what looks best with your skin tone and body type.”

Gabrielle: “Gowns always look different on your body then on the hanger. So don’t be afraid to try on different styles. Another thing to remember is, when deciding who to bring shopping with you, you do not want to bring a whole crowd. Just one or two friends or family members is plenty.”

Lisa: “The date! It is so important to know the date of your wedding before going dress shopping. It is also important to know what you want your husband-to-be and his groomsman to be wearing. You are going to want both of your outfits to compliment each other.”


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