The Top Ten…

Best and Worst Foods to Eat (or Avoid!) on Your Wedding Day

1. Oatmeal…Good
-Will help keep you full till the big ceremony

2. Spicy Foods & Caffeine…Bad

-Caffeine can trigger jitters which can trigger sweat, so ya not the best. But we here at Carine’s LOVE our coffee, so maybe just one small cup?!

3. Oysters…Good

-Lets just say that oysters are proven to help with the later part of wedding night…

4. Artificial Sweetener…Bad

-Can cause bloating and indigestion, need we say more?

5. Salad…Good

-Will help ease water retention, and you feel super healthy after!

6. Soda…Bad

-Bloating…no thank you.

7. Tropical Fruit…Good

-Natural hydrators, always a good thing before the open bar.

8. Cruciferous Vegetables…Bad

-Can contribute to gas, DEFINITELY bad.

9. Chia seeds…Good

-Helps give your skin that natural glow

10. Fatty Cheeses…Bad

-Can exasperate nausea (bad combination with wedding day nerves)
via Shape

Now that we have totally complicated your wedding day diet…


The CBA Girls


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