Meet Jennifer Stiebel from…

SoCo Events
Jen is one of our favorite wedding planners in the area,
and we thought it would be fun to share with you
“a day in the life of a wedding planner”…

How long have you been in business?

I founded SoCo Events in 2006.
Based in Washington, DC, SoCo Events services luxury bridal and special event clients worldwide.
From creating sophisticated romance to iconic glamour
and managing every awe-inspiring detail in between,
SoCo Events is a leading boutique luxury wedding and event management firm on the east coast.

Fentin-Stallone Wedding

(That’s Jen on the right!)

Photographer: Jennifer Lust & Venue: The Fairmont

Describe a typical day at work…

There is no “typical” day at work; this is definitely not a desk job!
In any given week, a few days are spent attending various client meetings.
Going to a dress fitting, meeting with stationary experts to design invitations, or tasting menu options with the caterer can all be in a day’s work.
Days and nights are filled with excel spreadsheets, and keeping budgets and time lines on track. Guest lists are formatted with proper etiquette and invitations are stuffed, sealed, stamped and hand delivered (I have my favorite post offices throughout the DC area that will let me camp out and stamp away!).

Kuga-Wenner Wedding

Photographer: Robert Isaacson & Venue: Willard

(Hangover helper…what a clever favor!)

What should brides do before they meet with you?

Gather a few ideas on the style and feel you want your wedding to convey.
This will help us gain a little insight into your wedding and help steer you in the right direction of venues and vendors.
Do not worry that you have to find the perfect images, this is just a starting point to begin the creation of your wedding look.
It is also very helpful to have an idea of the size of the guest list.
You do not want to run into problems down the road by looking at venues that are too small or even too large for your guest list.

Bausch-Rand Wedding

Photographer: Ron Lynch & Venue: Nantucket

What are common mistakes people make when planning their wedding?

Not talking to all the “powers that be” in regards to the budget.
It is a topic that no one really wants to tackle, but it is important to face this head on.
Having the budget discussion early ensures that we can make the right decisions and avoid trouble down the road.

Reed-Newby Wedding

Photographer: Jennifer Lust & Venue: Hay Adams

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

The last minute before the bride walks down the aisle.
It is such a special and intimate moment before her grand entrance.
It is usually myself, the bride and her father.
It is such an honor to be the last person with the bride, primping her dress, adjusting her veil and doing a lipstick check.
I love how the dads always ask if they are holding their daughter’s arm correctly, how fast to walk as well as a last minute refresher on how to lift the veil.
I have seen the most touching and often funny moments between a father and daughter, and it is amazing to be the one to share these special moments filled with excitement.
As I cue my bride to go, I always hug her and say,
“Go get married!!”

Manuel-Grant Wedding

Photographer: Jennifer Lust Venue: The Willard

How early in advance should brides contact you before their wedding?

To take full advantage of our services, it is best to hire your wedding planner in the beginning. Let us help and guide you from the first steps, so that the overwhelming feelings of panic and stress do not set in. But when those feelings do undoubtedly arise, call us, we will be ready to go!
Schneider-Cohen Wedding

Photographer: Jennifer Lust & Venue: Andrew Mellon

What are some of your favorite weddings you have worked on?

My favorite thing about working on weddings is that each one is so different.
Yes, the framework is often the same, but each couple, family and details set their day apart. One of my favorites was a wedding that was originally meant to be for almost 300 guests.
As the couple worked on the guests list, we changed course.
What resulted was an intimate New York City trip of a lifetime for 60 of the bride and groom’s closest family and friends.
We decided to treat these guests to a weekend they would never forget.
The couple graciously took care of every detail from travel, hotels, a Broadway show; even an evening horse and carriage ride through Central Park.
It was nice to be able to spoil the guests to such an extreme.

Ultimately, my favorite weddings are those where the couple and I concentrate on the details to truly make the wedding unique and special.
No matter how big or small, when we pay attention to the details, guests feel special and enjoy the entire evening to the fullest.

What trends are you seeing in the bridal industry?

Since the Royal wedding everyone has seen that we are going back to classic and elegant.
Rustic and vintage are still big, but people are making room for glam and luxury in a big way. Nudes, blushes and sparkle are all over the red carpet this season, and I cannot wait to translate that into tablescapes and décor.

I also foresee flower girls making a big comeback en masse.
There is nothing like a mini
entourage dressed in lace and bows. Need inspiration, just channel Kate Moss’ recent
wedding photos.

Green Wedding Shoes

You can contact Jen and her amazing staff at SoCo Events.

Thank you Jen!


The CBA Girls


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