Meet Holly Heider Chapple: A CBA Featured Florist

Photographer: Kate Headley

Carine’s Bridal Atelier loves Holly Heider Chapple’s Flowers!
We interviewed her for our blog so our brides could get to know her better.

Photographer: Peter Bang

1) How long have you been in business?

I have been designing wedding flowers for 19 years. I started a home based business so that I could be home with my small children. We have 7 kids and we still have little ones in the house all these years later.

Photographer: Genevieve Leiper

2) What inspired you to become a florist?
My family was most certainly the inspiration behind me becoming a floral designer.
My grandmother was an avid gardener and my parents ran a garden center all of my life. Flowers and foliage have been my calling since I was a young girl.
The miracle of a flower and the art it becomes when designed properly completely enthralls me.

Photographer: Anne Robert

3) What is your favorite flower?

I have many favorites: Lilacs, Peonies, Cabbage Roses and Clematis Vine were the original blooms that I was introduced to.

Photographer: Genevieve Leiper

4) What advice would you give brides about picking out their flower arrangements for their wedding?

Choose flowers that speak to you, almost everyone can remember a certain flower from their youth. Choose timeless classic designs that will always be in style.

Photographer: Laura Ashbrook

5) What is the best floral arrangement for winter months and what flowers are in season?

I love creating evergreen designs in the winter. I also enjoy adding Tulips, Daffodils or flowering branches to winter designs, this gives me hope that spring is on the way!!!

Photographer: Genevieve Leiper

6) What trends do you you see in floral design?

After several years of very rustic and vintage inspired designs, I see many of my brides moving towards vintage romantic designs or vintage glamour.
We are simply not done with vintage yet.
The designs are becoming for formal though and less organized.
Soft romantic colors and accents are requested here frequently.

Photographer: Genevieve Leiper

7) How early should brides contact you before their wedding?

Brides should book their favorite vendors as soon as they are engaged.
The best vendors book you quickly.
Thankfully our studio has been published in the last few years, so demand for our services has gone up as well.
We currently have several brides on the books for 2013, but we do still have dates available for 2012.
Each weekend is unique and our availability fluctuates based on the size of the events we are working on.
2011 was, oddly enough, the year of the last minute bride.
We were surprised to see how many people booked us with under 5 weeks to plan their wedding.
Thankfully, our studio was large enough to be able to accommodate their last minute requests.

Photographer: Genevieve Leiper

8) Do you have any additional advice for couples planning their wedding?

I love when brides use Pinterest boards.
These boards give me an immediate sense of the brides style.
I also suggest that brides lay in bed at night when everything is quiet and still and imagine the way you want everything to look.
Close your eyes and visualize your wedding party all standing together in their beautiful attire from Carine’s and pretty flowers from Holly Heider Chapple Flowers.
I would also encourage a bride to never skimp on her gown or her photographer.

Photographer: Genevieve Leiper

~ Holly Heider Chapple

Photographer: Peter Bang

Thank you for your great advice and insight into the floral world, Holly.
We LOVE your arrangements (especially the ones with the Cabbage Rose’s, Carine’s favorite)!
The CBA Girls


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