What CBA Girls Did Over the Holidays

Welcome back!
All of us at Carine’s Bridal
hope you enjoyed your holidays
and time off with family & friends.
We certainly loved it!
Here is a little catch up of what the
CBA Girls did over the holidays…


Carine’s Holiday

Hope everyone is having a great 2012 and is following through on their new year’s resolution…
I had a great holiday filled with sunshine, snow and a wedding…
This holiday season was spent with my in-laws. My husband and I decided when we had gotten married that we would split the holidays every year. So this year was Thanksgiving with my family and the Holidays with his.

So off to Boca Raton, Florida we went.

We started our Christmas morning with Bloody Marys….

Took our family picture in front of our Charlie Brown Christmas tree…But I have to say that it was grown by my in-laws all year…
Let me introduce you: from clockwise: my father in-law Bob (best chef), my mother in-law Bonnie (sweetest lady you can come across), Me & my husband, RJ (aka Fuzz).

The day after Christmas we headed to Steamboat, Colorado to celebrate the wedding.
We were lucky enough to stay at my husbands aunt & uncle’s house.
Love the name Lucky 2 Ranch

The ranch was great…even came with our own pack of alpacas…

We visited a Hot Springs…This picture was taken after our cold dance of trying to put our clothes back on as fast as possible…

RJ & I on the balcony of the ranch…

Sit down dinner at the Ranch for the Rehearsal Dinner…

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Courtnell…
The groom, Paul, is my husband’s cousin & the beautiful bride is Rose.
She wore a Jenny Lee gown purchased from our store 🙂

RJ & I at the wedding located at Catamont.
The gown I’m wearing is Notte by Marchesa, which can be purchased at our store 🙂
(Yes, a little plug in but why not…lol)
During the wedding my husband gave a great speech to his best friend Paul…brought everyone to tears…great job Fuzz…

After the activities were all done…we were able to get on the slopes…
Picked up snow boarding…guess I can say you definitely need butt pads while learning the sport…

This picture was just a great view from the Ranch…
Thank you for your hospitality Auntie Susan & Uncle Bijorn and thank you for all the great memories…

Hannah’s Holiday

All my siblings! (Plus the newest little addition)
We had to wake up SUPER early because my brother Ross had to catch a plane to Canada to go propose…

And now they’re ENGAGED!!
Ross and Lyndsey…aren’t they cute?!

And then I jetted off to Puerto Rico to soak in some sun!!

My best friend Marge who I traveled with-
I can’t wait to get back in a summer dress!

Jessica’s Holiday

Christmas night in my new coat with my bestie!

It may look like I’m falling down a hill..but really I’m sledding:)

All the pretty ladies of the “Snolodge” cabin over New Years Weekend.

On New Year’s Eve I attempted my first homemade dirty martinis..with hand stuffed bleu cheese olives:)

Ashley’s Holiday

I went to home to Oklahoma for winter break.
This is a photo of my fiance Dan and I at our engagement party.

Oklahoma Food: Huge Chicken Fried Steak at Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill

Rockin’ Stetson cowboy hats while eating calf fries 🙂 You should look up what calf fries are!

Gabriella’s Holiday

Myself and my family on Christmas Eve!…
Dad, Mom, nieces, sister Rita, sister Alice and my brother-in-law Cillian, the gang’s all here : )

My oldest niece Mia on Christmas morning, showing off her favorite gift… from her favorite auntie 😉

My youngest niece G.G. on Christmas morning, with her bunny slipper p.j.’s and all

Visiting the ice sculpture show at the National Harbor with my boyfriend Maurice!… soooooo coldddddd!!!!

Maurice’s sister Mya and myself… who says you have to grow up?!?!

We are looking forward to another great year
and wish you all a year filled with love, happiness and great health.


The CBA Girls


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