CBA’s Iconic "Pop Culture" Weddings

Image: The wedding of Melissa Rivers, Photo Credit: Preston Bailey’s Blog

My favorite wedding…

I will never forget the moment I saw Melissa Rivers’ wedding in magazines when I was a little girl.
I still remember pouring over articles about how Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers worked with Preston Bailey to recreate Russia inside a ballroom.

The beautiful blue background and branches transformed the ballroom into a magical winter forest.
It was perfect. Her wedding was dreamy. I loved everything about it.
She even had desserts shaped like bees because the name Melissa derives from the Greek version of bee.

Here are some of the CBA Girls favorite weddings…

Carine loves Kennedy weddings.
One of her all time favorites is John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding
in Cumberland Island because it was clean and sophisticated.
It wasn’t overdone and it embodied their style.
Above all this wedding was creative.
Look at the candlelight peeking through illuminating the bride and groom.

Image: JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Wedding, Photo Credit:,

Fun facts about the Kennedys

*Carine got married on JFK and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding date, September 12th 🙂
*According to, Jackie Kennedy’s Van Cleef and Arpels engagement ring was a 2.84 carat emerald with 2.88 diamond carat accents.
She later redesigned the ring and added marquise stones around .
However, this is an example of how dream weddings have unique elements with a twist!
People always say Jackie was traditional.
She wasn’t so traditional was she if she had an emerald ring….huh????
I strongly speculate Jackie and JFK created this ring together because this ring is so unusual.

Image: Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring, Photo Credit:

*Designer Gogo Ferguson designed JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding rings based on the mold of a ribcage of a snake.
This might sound strange but the door knockers in the US capital were also designed using the molds of deceased snakes, twigs, and even bird nests.

Image: Iconic Kennedy Wedding, Photo Credit:
*Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s Narcisco Rodriguez wedding dress reportedly cost $40,o00 (
This dress revolutionized the industry—creating a trend where women began wearing curve hugging sheath style gowns.

Gabriella’s favorite is Audrey Hepburn’s wedding in Funny Face.
She is a HUGE Audrey fan.
The short Givenchy dress paved the way for fun, flirty short wedding styles that characterized the 1950’s.

Image: Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Photo Credit:

Hannah loved the traditional elements and grandeur of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding.
Clearly, Middleton was influenced by Grace Kelly’s wedding.
Image: Kate Middleton, Photo Credit: People Magazine

Jess loves Maggie’s wedding in the movie In Her Shoes.

What Jess likes about this wedding is how the couple incorporated their personality into their wedding by hosting their event at their favorite restaurant.
The steel drums and laid back tone created a warm and inviting feeling.
Image: In Her Shoes Wedding, Photo Credit:
What is your favorite celebrity wedding? Let us know!!


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