Carine’s 30 Day Adventure

CrossFit Paleo Challenge

After being in the bridal industry for years I’ve been the guinea pig for the latest trends.
My latest experiment is the CrossFit Paleo Diet Challenge
aka “The Caveman Diet” for 30 days.
We are working in teams at CrossFit, so go “A-Team” go!

There is a mystery prize at the end of this 30 day challenge!
Hopefully it’s a trip to the chocolate factory! 🙂

On top of working out 5 days a week,
my diet consists of foods that cavemen used to eat-all natural foods…
as in no sugar, diary, gluten products, added salt products, preservatives, etc.

Here I am at CrossFit

Recap of Week 1

I learned how to cook! So far, so edible.
Paleo has definitely made me more creative with my meals…
“Deconstructed” Shrimp Sushi

“Vegetable Garden Pasta

“Breakfast Ceviche

“Chicken Wrap” … But instead of buying lettuce, I bought cabbage! Oops!

On top of the mystery prize CrossFit has for us, I have my own present to myself.
My best friend & teammate Jenny McEntire and I are celebrating on July 12th.
What the present will be?
Anything & Everything we want.

18 more days …

From the girl that is craving anything sweet,


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