Kenneth Pool Spring 2011

EZ Studio

“Created for the bride who demands the spotlight.
This season Kenneth Pool’s collection captures the
juxtaposition of unique fabric manipulation combined with glamorous beading.
The silhouettes are softer and airier but the beading is as bold and opulent as ever.”

Piles of Photographers….Love it!!!!

Ok with this collection we are going to select what
body shapes we feel will compliment the gown

.small/medium bust
.small/medium waist
.and ladies we are hiding those hips 🙂

Love this gown it’s very fashion forward…
Girls are usually worried that an exaggerated dropped waist might not flatter
but it does….don’t be scared of grabbing one and just trying it…
you might be surprised!

.Almost all shapes for bust, waist & hips
because the belt is the main focus and it’s making you look smallllllll….

If you love your body & you love your J Lo booty
(like this model did…she loved herself wouldn’t get off the runway)
the mermaid shape is definitely the way to go…
Yet the thin layer of satin might bother some around the tummy area…

.small-medium bust
(empire style might add more attention to bust line)
.curved waist (not for boxy or straight)
.round curvy hips

Draped exaggerated satin is great to hide lots of imperfections
that we sometimes judge ourselves for…

.small/medium bust
(might make the large bust appear larger
because of the shadowing that the satin creates…
but if you love your bust then by all means go right ahead)
.any waist shape from the curviest to the straightest…
the angled drape across the waist gives you that small waist
.any shape hips

The draped sweetheart bodice work is so elegant…
Love the small belt just enough to play with your waistline.

.small/medium/Full “C” bust
(any larger will just add focus don’t blame me blame that gorgeous belt)
.any waistline shape
.if you love those hips flaunt it…any goes but wear some spanx to smooth the edges

A note about mermaid shapes to my shorter brides…
don’t feel like you can’t wear them…
all you have to do is ask for full “length” measurement
(which is usually done from hollow to hem or waist to hem)
you will need your heels for these measurements
or a guestimation of height

.Sizing same as above

Soft & Sweet bride she’ll be…

.small/medium/full “C” bust
(belt is toooo huge for any larger bust)
.waistline could be any
.hips…what hips? you have hips?…I can’t see them

Haven’t seen Kenneth Pool create a bodice like this…
soft, clean & elegant…

.All shapes and sizes for bust, waist & hips

(the models baaaaack and still loving herself)
Empire mermaid with a dramatic tulle skirt….

.small to full “C”
(if larger ask to raise neckline)
.waist all shapes
.hips all shapes

Well heeelllllooooo straps…
Great draping, great straps, great bustline…
what do you think do I love it?????

.Almost all shapes for bust, waist & hips

.small/medium/Full “C”
(if size “D” or above
you have to realize that you can’t wear a long line bra with this
because you can see it through the satin fabric)
.waist curvy to almost straight
.hips any shape…but if you have to wear spanx…do it!!!

Just enough ballgown…

.any shape of bust, waist & hips…
go crazy princesses…

Now you can finally rest….
Till next season…

From my hotel room high above the beautiful sounds of New York…
I bid you good night,


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